Beyond 90 Days: Successful Employment after Disability (Audio Presentation)

by James S. Krause, PhD

Beyond 90 Days: Successful Employment after Disability - A systematic approach to investigating employment outcomes throughout the work life cycle 

The presenter is Dr. James S. Krause, Associate Dean for Research, MUSC College of Health Professions Director, Center for Rehabilitation Research in Neurological Conditions.  The purpose of this presentation will help the audience: 

  1. Describe a program of research, entitled "Successful Employment after Disability: 
    Beyond 90 Days,” which focuses on quantitative and qualitative outcomes throughout the work life cycle 
  2. Describe two distinct, yet related, research studies on successful employment, one focused on spinal cord injury (SCI) and the other focused on multiple sclerosis (MS) 
  3. Identify distinct predictors of several employment outcomes, beyond post disability employment status, that include time to employment, job retention, and earnings 
  4. Identify models for linking research findings to vocational interventions

View the presentation: