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Accomodation Success Stories

Fabrication shop in Scotts Addition keeps people with disabilities employed

Thomas Rybak, with the state Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services, helps Mona Sleeth, an administrative assistant at Virginia Commonwealth University, try an assisted technology device to use a computer.

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By SARAH KLEINER Richmond Times-Dispatch - Tom Rybak and Ronnie Childs are in the business of bestowing independence. Tucked into a workshop in Scott's Addition, the men are professional tinkerers who design and create devices that help people with disabilities stay employed. "It's indescribable, the joy that it brings to these people's lives," Rybak said. Rybak, a rehabilitation engineer, and Childs, a fabricator, work in a Richmond-based shop that's under the umbrella of the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services.

Joshua Smith: Sixth Digit

Curtis McCloud Pkg: Sixth Digit

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Seven months after a swimming accident left him paralyzed, Joshua Smith is putting his engineering skills to work. He created a gadget called the 6th Digit, which gives people who don't have the ability to feel a chance to use electronic devices just like everybody else. "It is very simple and sleek. You don't even know it is there until I show it to you," Smith said.

Assistive Technology in Action - Meet Nick

Nick mowing lawn

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In the Family Center on Technolgoy and Disability (FCTD's) AT in Action video, you'll meet Nick, a young entrepreneur who owns his own lawn-care business. Nick uses assistive technologies, both low and high tech, that aid him in driving and accessing his laptop computer and tablet.

Tony Lineberry: Demonstration of adapted minivan for SCI

Tony smiling at camera infront of garden

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Toney Lineberry, motivational speaker, takes us for a ride in his new Honda Odyssey van. Just after his 18th birthday, Toney was in a automobile accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down. Toney shows us how his new van is customized to his needs and allows him to safely drive.

America's Strength : Focusing on Successes of People with Disabilities in the Workplace

Man with beard talking

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This is a clip from America's Strength, a documentary that tells the success stories of people with disabilities who play a major part in America's workforce.

ATP Consumer Success Story - Sy Doan

Sy Doan in office

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In 2006 Sy Doan, Owner of Sy's Tailor Shop in Omaha, sustained a spinal cord injury. Watch Sy's video to see how he was able to return to work and the technology he uses to independently perform the essential functions of his business.

Lisa Shore Success Story

Lisa in a hospital

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This story is an example of how Nebraska Vocational Rehabilitation can help Nebraskans with disabilities become successfully employed. Watch Lisa share her experience after a car accident left her with a spinal cord injury.

Richard Devylder: "A Day in the Life without Arms or Legs"

Richard in motorized chair outside

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Richard Devylder shows how assistive technology and public transportation allow him to live independently as a person with disabilities. Clip courtesy of the California Department of Rehabilitation and the California Employment Development Department.