World Institute on Disability (WID)


An internationally recognized public policy center founded in 1983 by leaders of the Independent Living Movement, World Institute on Disability's (WID) program work focuses on issues and problems that directly affect people's ability to live full and independent lives. The mission of WID in communities and nations worldwide is to eliminate barriers to full social integration and increase employment, economic security and health care for persons with disabilities. WID creates innovative programs and tools; conducts research, training, public education and advocacy campaigns; and provides technical assistance. A majority of the Board and staff are persons with disabilities. Information on WID's current programs can be found at:

WID aspires to work in a world with cultures where:

  • Disability is a natural part of the human condition,
  • People with disabilities have equal rights to their own self determination,
  • People with disabilities drive public policy issues and priorities,
  • Disability is a global issue,
  • People with disabilities have the right to make informed choices,
  • Information and education promote employment for all,
  • People with disabilities have the right to earn a living and live independently,
  • Accessible, affordable health care and community supports are essential rights that support employment and well being,
  • The disability experience is in the arts, media and wider culture, and Information technologies are accessible to all people with disabilities.

Bryon McDonald is assisting the RRTC on Employment of Physical Disabilities in Research Study One. He is currently the Program Director of WID's Employment and Disability Benefits Initiative (EDBI). EDBI develops community-based public policy recommendations on work and benefits at both state and national levels. EDBI produces real-time, online information services on health coverage, employment, and benefits for youth and adults with disabilities. Through Disability Benefits 101 Information Services, EDBI provides community outreach, training, and web-based services that support employment in six states and nationally for veterans through Vets101. Bryon MacDonald is assisting the VCU-RRTC with Research Study One: Identifying What People with Physical Disabilities Want and Need to Know about Employment: a Mixed Methods Research Study.

Brian McDonaldBryon MacDonald, Program Director

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