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nAblement is a unique channel of SPR Companies focused on supporting the training, mentoring, networking, placement and professional growth of qualified candidates with disabilities into technology roles. nAblement fosters its own client opportunities while also collaborating closely with each of the SPR Companies three strategic companies - MPS Partners, Redpoint Technologies and TAP Group. Qualified candidates secure professional technology opportunities suited to their skill sets, and clients secure access to this valuable and underutilized segment of the workforce while extending their diversity profile. nAblement will be providing expertise and support to the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the VCU-RRTC with Research Study Four, Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Multi-Component Demand-Side Intervention Toolkit for VR Professionals to Improve Employment Outcomes of People with Physical Disabilities: A Randomized Controlled Trial Study.

Pat MaherPatrick Maher
nAblement Managing Director, SPR Companies

D&I facilitator and subject matter expert on disability as a strategic factor of diversity in the workforce, Pat Maher has been at the forefront of exploring creative ways of engaging both employers and the disability community to optimize opportunity and value from this chronically overlooked - and misunderstood - segment of the labor force. As nAblement managing director he supported critical research on the topic of productivity perceptions about workers with evident hearing, vision or mobility disabilities.