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January 2017

Announcing the VCU-RRTC 2017 Webcast Series
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Katherine Inge Customized Employment as an Evidence-based Practice to Improve the Employment Outcomes of Transition-age Youth with Physical Disabilities

Date / Time: February 23; 2:00 - 2:45pm Eastern

Presenter: Katherine Inge, Ph.D., O.T.R, Project Director, RRTC on Employment of People with Physical Disabilities, VCU

A series of focus groups were conducted with national experts and rehabilitation practitioners who are recognized as exemplary practitioners to discuss the critical components of customized employment (CE). This information will be used to guide the development of a fidelity scale and replication procedures for implementing CE as a service delivery model. The results of the focus groups will be discussed, and case study examples of how jobs have been customized to facilitate employment outcomes for transition age youth will be presented.

Also in this webcast series:

Mar 9 - Employment for People with Physical Disabilities: The ADA & Section 503 - Presenter: Wendy Strobel, M.S., Director of the Northeast ADA Center, Cornell University

Apr 13 - Understanding Social Security Disability Benefits: A Guide to Beneficiaries Who Want to Work - Presenter: Lucy Miller, Technical Assistance Liaison, VCU National Training and Data Center

May 11 - Job Site Accommodations - Presenters: Patricia Burns, B.A., OT & AT Specialist & Thomas Rybak, M.F.A., Rehabilitation Engineer, The Virginia Department for Aging & Rehabilitative Services

Jun 8 - Vocational Rehabilitation Services for Individuals with Physical Disabilities - Presenter: James Rothrock, M.S., Commissioner, The Virginia Department for Aging & Rehabilitative Services

Jul 13 - Disclosing Disability in the Workplace - Presenter: Phillip Rumrill, PhD, CRC, Professor & Coordinator of the Rehabilitation Counseling Program & Director of the Center for Disability Studies, Kent State University

Aug 10 - Employment Outcomes after Multiple Sclerosis: Findings Among Participants Identified through Clinical Service Setting - Presenter: James Krause, Ph.D., Professor & Associate Dean for Research in the College of Health Professions, Medical University of South Carolina

Sep 14 - What People with Physical Disabilities Want and Need to Know About Employment: Research Findings - Presenters: Katherine Inge, Ph.D., O.T.R, Project Director; Carolyn Graham, Ph.D., RRTC on Employment of People with Physical Disabilities, Virginia Commonwealth University

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